Phase 1: Rewards Centre Launch

  • Objective: Complete the integration of CMINER tokens with our reward platform, enabling users to seamlessly connect their wallets and track rewards.

  • Outcome: The launch of the Rewards Centre will enhance transparency and provide real-time updates on earnings and staking.

Phase 2: Introduction of Group Mining

  • Objective: Launch the "Group Mining" feature, allowing users to pool resources and start their own mining pools using our rented rigs.

  • Requirement: Participation will require holding at least 15,000 CMINER tokens.

Phase 3: Release of Mining Rental Dashboard

  • Objective: Roll out a dashboard for users to manage and monitor their mining rigs effortlessly.

  • Features: The dashboard will include detailed analytics on performance and operational status.

Phase 4: Expansion and Innovation

  • Partner Network Expansion: Establish new partnerships within the industry to broaden our reach and enhance our service offerings.

  • In-House Mining Pools with AI-Driven Auto-Switching: Introduce proprietary in-house mining pools equipped with an AI feature that automatically switches miners to the most profitable coins in real time, maximizing earnings by adapting to market dynamics and network difficulty changes.

Phase 5: Mobile App Launch

  • Objective: Release a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows users to manage their rentals and monitor their mining activities on the go.

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