Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Chainminer?

Chainminer is a crypto mining platform that enhances accessibility to crypto mining through innovative services. Our current offerings include the CMINER token and a Rewards Dashboard that allows token holders to track and receive profits from our active mining operations.

2. How can I participate in Group Mining?

Group Mining will soon be available, allowing users to pool resources with other miners to enhance their potential returns. Participants will need to hold at least 15,000 CMINER tokens to join. More details will be provided as we approach the launch of this service.

3. Can I rent mining equipment from Chainminer?

Our Rent a Rig service will be launched soon, enabling users to rent high-performance mining rigs. This service is designed for those who prefer not to purchase or maintain their own mining hardware.

4. What are AI-Driven Auto-Switching Pools?

We are preparing to introduce AI-Driven Auto-Switching Pools, which will use advanced algorithms to automatically switch mining efforts to the most profitable coins in real-time. This will maximize profitability by intelligently and seamlessly adapting to market dynamics.

5. How can I track my earnings and performance?

Our Rewards Dashboard allows CMINER token holders to track their earnings in real time. This dashboard provides transparency and detailed reporting on the performance of our mining operations.

6. How often are mining profits distributed to users?

Profits from our mining operations are distributed to CMINER token holders regularly. The distribution schedule can be tracked through our Rewards Dashboard, which provides up-to-date information on earnings and previous payout dates.

7. How can I provide feedback or get involved with Chainminer?

We value community feedback and engagement. You can join our community telegram group, or contact us directly via our email. We welcome any insights or suggestions that can help us improve Chainminer.

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